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Spanish, Portugues & Andorran Transport Museums in alphabetical order

  • Col·lecció d’Automòbils Salvador Claret (Road), Sils Girona, Spain

    Ford Model T, Rolls Royce, Salmson and Fiat.

  • Museo Automovil (Road), Málaga, Spain

    The “car as a work of art”, a collection of almost a 100 cars.

  • Museo De Historia De La Automoción De Salamanca (Road), Salamanca, Spain

    The Salamanca Motor Museum was opened to the public on the 1st of October 2002, as an exhibition, research and reference centre that includes every aspect of automobile history.

  • Museo De Motos Juan Antonio Garcia (Road), Toledo, Spain

    Juan Antonio García is a great fan of the world of motor and especially motorcycles, to the point of becoming a true expert in the restoration of old motorcycles.

  • Museo Fernando Alonso (Road), Asturias, Spain

    Fernando Alonso Official Museum and Foundation. F1 cars, GoKarts, memorabilia and more!

  • Museo Moto (Road), Bassella (Lérida), Spain

    This institution currently manages a collection of over 300 motorbikes and a specialized museum.

  • Museu de l’Automoció Roda Roda (Road), Lleida, Spain

    Lleida Automotive Museum presents an extensive collection of cars, motorcycles, motors and scale reproductions.

  • Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (Road, Air), Terrassa, Spain

    The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia is the product of the rich and lengthy heritage of scientific and technical innovation and knowledge.

  • Museu de Marinha | Maritime Museum (Air, Maritime), Belém, Lisboa | Lisbon, Portugal

    The collection of the Navy Museum has more than 18,000 pieces. Around 2,500 were selected to feature in their permanent exhibition.

  • Museu do Automóvel (Road), Ribeirão, Portugal

    Not much facts on the home page. Get in contact with them, before visiting.

  • Museu do Caramulo (Road), Caramulo, Portugal

    This car museum has a collection of cars going from a Benz Dreirad from 1886 to a Ginetta-Zytek GZ09S/2 race car from 2009.

  • Museu dos Transportes e Comunicações | Museum of Transport and Communications (Road), Porto, Portugal

    The museum collection The Motor of the Republic came about as a result of a challenge issued by the Museum of Transport and Communications to the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic.

  • Museu Maritim | Maritime Museum (Maritime), Barcelona, Spain

    The Maritime Museum of Barcelona is a space for interpreting and sharing Catalan maritime culture.

  • Museu Nacional de l’Automòbil (Road), Encamp, Andorra

    National Automobile Museum Andorra has vehicles from a steam car such as the Pinette (1885), up to the the 70’s. Around 80 vehicles.

  • Torre Loizaga Miguel de la Via Collection (Road), Bizkaia, Spain

    The only Rolls-Royce Collection in Europe with all models manufactured between 1910-1998.

  • Vehículos Históricos Vall de Guadalest (Road), Guadelest (Alicante), Spain

    Here begins his love for the world of workshops and machines.