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South & South-eastern European Transport Museums in alphabetical order

  • Antika Traktör Müzesi (Road), Gelibolu/Çanakkale,, Turkey

    Tractors of all shapes and sizes.

  • Centro Storico Fiat (Road, Air), Turin, Italy

    Centro Storico Fiat now hosts a collection of automobiles, mementos, models and advertising manifestos by artists spanning the company’s entire history.

  • Classic Motoring Association of Syracuse “Motorismo d’Epoca” (Road), Syracuse, Italy

    Cars from the 1920s to the 1980s, some custom built models from 1935/1940 and sports cars such as Formula 1.

  • Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum (Road), Limassol, Cyprus

    Opened in 2014 and is the only car museum in Cyprus. Located on the outskirts of Limassol, the museum has around 60 vehicles, mostly classic and modern cars.

  • Fiat 500 Club Italia (), Garlenda, Italy

    Fiat 500 and Italian motorsport History!

  • Hellenic Motor Museum (Road), Athens, Greece

    Private museum showing 111 vehicles, out of the almost 300. Avion Voisin, Adler, Allard, Packard, Facel Vega, Delage, Delahaye and more.

  • Lamborghini Museum (Road), Sant'Agata Bolognese, Bologna, Italy

    The history of Ferruccio and the Lamborghini cars. They also have Guided tours of the production lines.

  • Maserati Factory Tour (Road), Modena, Italy

    Italy is home to the best motoring attractions offering travelers opportunities to experience the heritage and tech evolution that underpinned human culture.

  • Museo del Motorismo Siciliano e della Targa Florio (Road), Termini Imerese, Italy

    This structure exhibits the beautiful Alfa Romeo 33 3 liters at the entrance with which Nino Vaccarella and Toine Hezemans won the victory in the 1971 edition.

  • Museo Dell’Automobile “Luigi Bonfanti” (Road), Romano d'Ezzelino, Italy

    It is the only Museum in Europe to employ an exhibition formula unique and most original, an endless series of monothematic exhibits.

  • Museo dell’Automobile di Torino | Turin Car Museum (Road), Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

    The National Automobile Museum was set up in 1932, based on the idea of two pioneers of Italian motoring, Cesare Goria Gatti and Roberto Biscaretti di Ruffia.

  • Museo delle Motociclette Ducati | Ducati motorcycle Museum (Road), Borgo Panigale, Italy

    Ducati motorbikes Museum, Past and future, challenges and successes,a journey through the 90-year history of Ducati.

  • Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) (Road), Modena, Italy

    Museo Enzo Ferrari has a stunning, futuristic main pavilion and tells the magical story of Enzo Ferrari’s 90 years.

  • Museo Ferrari Maranello (Road), Maranello, Italy

    Museo Ferrari Maranello tells the Ferrari story. A journey from F1 cars, legendary sports prototypes and GTs, to road cars of today.

  • Museo Mille Miglia (Road), Brescia, Italy

    The museum of the legendary race “Mille Miglia” is situated inside the Monastery of Saint Eufemia, a beautiful building complex of immense archaeological value.

  • Museo Nazionale del Motociclo | National Motorcycle Museum (Road), Rimini, Italy

    Opened 1993 and has over 250 bikes of 55 different brands.

  • Museo Nicolis (Road, Air), Villafranca di Verona, Italy

    Opened in 2000. “Museum of Cars, Technology and Mechanics” has cars, motorbikes, planes, instruments, cameras, and more.

  • Museo Piaggio | Piaggio Museum (Road, Air), Pontedera, Italy

    Piaggio Museum opened in 2000 and occupies 3,000 square meters in the former tool-shop. Vespas and Gileras.

  • Museo Scooters & Lambretta (Road), Rodano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

    Scooter and Lambretta museum

  • Museo Storico dei Motori e dei Meccanismi (Road, Air), Palermo, Italy

    Italian aeronautical History.

  • Panini Motor Museum (Road), Modena, Italy

    The Museum Collection has been gradually improved, thanks to the restoration of some cars, and enriched even further with the famous Maserati 6 CM from 1936

  • Pininfarina Museum (Road), Cambiano, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

    The Collection is the true custodian of the company’s values, with which Pininfarina presents itself to guests. A place where past, present and future blend.

  • The Malta Classic Car Collection (Road), Saint Paul's Bay, Qawra, Malta

    The museum has a huge variety of cars, ranging from a 1955 Jaguar C Type to a 1972 Fiat 500F.