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Number of Transport Museums: 378


It is ambitious we know, but that's how we work. An idea sprouts, we research it, and if it looks viable, and we think its possible, then its game on!

Together we have the knowledge and the willpower to see a project of this scale through, plus we really love cars/all other forms of transport.

A small introduction, and some shameless links:

This site is Developed, Design, Hosted, and Maintained by ROKA, and we are:

Ian Hunter

Ian was recently described (in a rather wonderful best man speech) as a wanderer. He is a world travelled entrepreneur. With a background in Music Production, Live Sound, Degree in Digital Art, Design experience, and a taste for all things technological. He brings the beauty into our work. Recently mastering Premiere Pro and After Effects to add Video Production to his bow, Photography has always been a passion. Working alongside Kristian has been an honour, and has helped Ian become a better creative, and pushed us to produce bigger and better products as a team.

Kristian Adolfsson

Kristian is a man with many passions, also an entrepreneur he has started, run, and made success out of many ventures. With a background in Engineering he was one of the early pioneers of the internet world, registering his first top level domain name in 1995. Also world traveled, he has visited some of the farthest places to photograph wildlife (especially birds), and has become a wonderful photographer in the process (see portfolio site Alongside this he has gone on to become a solid programmer, car fanatic, whiskey collector, and beer connoisseur. A vital part of our work and the man that keeps our servers safe and the functionality of fantastic sites such as this coming.

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