Transport Museums in Middle & South America

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  • Automobile Club of Argentina Museum (Road), Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Daimler 1892 and Ferrari 166 used by Fangio, or a tandem two-seater Wanderer, an electric Krieger from 1898, a Mors 1899, or a Yruam?

  • Brij Maharaj Auto Museum (Road), San Fernando, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago

    A small car and bike museum in San Fernando. They have Cars, Motorcycles and Scooters at display.

  • Havana Old Car Museum | Museo del Automóvil (Road), La Habana, Cuba

    We know almost nothing about this museum, please help us if you have been here!

  • Museo del Automóvil Termas de Río Hondo (Road), Santiago del Estero, Argentina

    The “Museo de Automovil Termas de Río Hondo”, one of the great works in the Province, is a contained space within the “Termas de Río Hondo International Circuit”

  • Museo Juan Manuel Fangio (Museum) (Road), Balcarce, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Excellent list of Vehicles, and a serious racing history. From a Ford “A” 1929 (de Bianculli) to a 1958 Maserati 450 S, and over 35 in between.