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Nordic Transport Museums in alphabetical order

  • Arvika Fordonsmuseum (Road), Arvika, Sweden

    Over 100 vehicles, constantly rotated. Stanley Steamer, 1924; Mercedes 370 S Cab, 1931; Humber, 1903. Bikes like HVA, Douglas, Indian, Bultaco, and Norton.

  • Autoseum Nisse Nilsson Collection (Road, Air), Simrishamn, Sweden

    Probably the best museum in southern Sweden with cars and motorcycles from 1898 til today. Stefan “Lill-Lövis” Johansson exhibition.

  • Bil- och Teknikhistoriska Samlingarna (Road), Köping, Sweden

    Legendary marques, such as Bugatti, Voisin, Panhard-Levassor and classics from Cadillac and Bentley. Large number of motorcycles and automobilia. A Volvo ÖV4 from 1927 in a workshop.

  • Danmarks Flymuseum | Danish Aircraft Museum (Air), Skjern, Denmark

    Main emphasis is on the history of Danish flying and aircraft production, both civil and military, and is in constant development with new exhibitions and planes.

  • Gotlands Veteranbilmuseum (Road), Visby, Sweden

    Cars (1907-1970) from Rolls-Royce to electrical. Bikes from 1901-1980s. Bicycles, Tractors and other memorabilia.

  • Härnösands bilmuseum (Road), Härnösand, Sweden

    One of the largest museums in Sweden with over 200 cars.

  • Ivars Bilmuseum (Road), Hoting, Sweden

    Some really nice old cars like Renault, 1909; Commonwealth, 1919; Orient Buckboard, 1906; Ford Model T Landaulette, 1919.

  • Johannamuseet (Road), Skurup, Sweden

    Johanna Museum has vintage cars, motorbikes, musical instruments, toys. Oldest Swedish car, a Cederholm from 1894.

  • Kisa Bilmuseum | Kisa Car Museum (Road), Kisa, Sweden

    Kisa Bilmuseum with a lot of Saabs. Cars are not in show condition. Only open a few days a year.

  • Lillehammer Car museum – CLOSED (Road), Lillehammer, Norway

    This  museum is unfortunately closed. The many really rare cars are now moved to Norsk Vegmuseum.

  • MC Collection Bike Museum (Road), Västerås, Sweden

    Collection of motorcycles shown at Tidö Castle.

  • Motala Motormuseum (Road), Motala, Sweden

    One of the largest Rolls-Royce collections in the country. Also a number of Supercars like a Koenigsegggggggg.

  • Norsk Vegmuseum (Road), Fåberg, Norway

    Replaced the old Norsk Kjøretøyhistorisk Museum in Lillehammer. It’s located a little bit further north.

  • Oulun Automuseon / Oulu Automobile Museum (Road), Oulu, Finland

    More than 50 veteran cars and motorcycles. The oldest automobiles date from around 1910.

  • Ryds Bilkyrkogård Kyrkö Mosse | Ryd’s Car cemetary (Road), Ryd, Sweden

    Well this is not really a museum but a bunch of cars that had been left in the forest. They are slowly being reclaimed by nature.

  • SAAB Car Museum (Road), Trollhättan, Sweden

    The collections has around 120 cars and approximately 70 of them are on show. The first Saab was the 92001, which is more commonly known as ”Ursaaben”  from 1947.

  • Sjóminjasafnið í Reykjavík | Vikin Maritime Museum (Maritime), Reykjavík, Iceland

    Reykjavík Maritime Museum is located in the harbour in Reykjavík, in a fish freezing plant. It has undergone a major renovation and was reopened on June 8th 2018.

  • Smålands Bil-, Musik- och Leksaksmuseum (Road), Rydaholm, Sweden

    Småland’s Car, Music, and Toy Museum”

  • Sommer’s Automobile Museum (Road), Nærum, Denmark

    Cars from 1914 up to a Danish electric car from 1990. Bugatti Brescia Type T13, 1923; Hispano-Suiza Type 64, 1932; Jaguar SS100, C-Type, D-Type.

  • Sparreholms Slott | Sparreholm Castle (Road), Sparreholm, Sweden

    The museum shows exclusive cars such as Mercedes 540K, 1936; a Horch 853, 1936; Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1921; Hertel, 1898, and Clement Panhard, 1898.

  • Svedinos Bil- & Flygmuseum (Road, Air), Ugglarp, Sweden

    One of the major collections in northern Europe of vintage cars and aircraft. The collection comprises over 100 cars, 40 aircraft, motorcycles, engines etc.

  • Teknikland (Road, Air), Östersund, Sweden

    Teknikland is a retro technique world of military history, vehicles and old machinery. Experience the 20th century history.

  • The Transportation Museum at Ystafell (Road), Þingeyjarsveit, Iceland

    A small museum in Iceland.

  • Tidaholms museum (Road), Tidaholm, Sweden

    About a 1000 vehicles were built by Tidaholms Bruk between 1903 and 1934. Nine  of them are shown in the C-building at the museum.

  • Vasa Museum | Vasamuseet (Maritime), Stockholm, Sweden

    The Vasa Museum is one of Scandinavia’s most visited museums. There you will find the unique and well preserved warship Vasa from 1628, embellished with hundreds of wooden sculptures.

  • Volvo Museum (Road), Göteborg, Sweden

    This is the official Volvo museum with everything that Volvo has produced. Cars, buses, excavators, boat engines, etc.

  • Zeppelin- and Garrison Museum Tønder (Road, Air), Tønder, Denmark

    During the First World War the German Imperial Navy operated Zeppelin airships from Tønder city.

  • Ådalens Veteranbilsmuseum (Road), Lunde, Sweden

    Small veteran car museum south of Kramfors with about 50 cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and machines.

  • Ängelholms Flygmuseum | Ängelholms flight / aviation museum (Air), Ängelholm, Sweden

    Located in an old hangar at the old Swedish Wing F10. Small museum with planes from the Swedish Air Force.