Top Places For Rolls Royce Fans To Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime

Rolls Royce is undoubtedly an elegant symbol of class. The name of this car itself exudes sheer grace and the body dynamics are par excellence in all terms. This is what makes this classical automobile an absolute fantasy for many.
There are a variety of places where one can go to feed the inner Rolls Royce fan inside of them. Because Rolls Royce is so much more than a car for many, it is very hard to imagine someone who is a Rolls Royce fan and is not ready to take all the opportunities that allow him to come in a closer contact with different antique as well as new models of Rolls Royce.

Going to museums where these elegant vehicles are made is probably the best way to enjoy a closer experience with Rolls Royce. However, it is hard to tell if the museums you choose to experience the Rolls Royce elegance would actually feed your inner fan properly. Not everyone has an idea of what museums and places are the most suitable choices for a Rolls Royce fan and if you are one of those people, then this is the right place where you have landed.
In this article, we will be telling you about the world’s most exotic places where Rolls Royce are present in a large number for the fans to experience fully. Not just that, we will also tell your about what other fun things you can do while at those places so that you know how to cater the one who is accompanying you but is not a Rolls Royce fan as much as you are.

1- Rolls-Royce Automobilmuseum Franz Ferdinand Vonier, Dornbirn (Austria)

Rolls-Royce Automobilmuseum Franz Ferdinand Vonier, Dornbirn

Ask any body around and this name will the first suggestion that you will get upon inquiring around for the world’s most amazing place for Rolls Royce fans. This exotic place in Dornbirn is the world’s largest museum where a huge collection of Rolls Royce vehicles from all across the world is present to bless your eyes.
This three-storied vast and exotic museum was once a textile factory that later turned into a place for Rolls Royce fans for all the right reasons. There are around a 1000 different vehicles on display from the older days and, where not all of them are Rolls Royce cars, most of them surely are.
The Rolls Royce that have been displayed here date back to 1920s. Here at the Rolls-Royce Automobilmuseum Franz Ferdinand Vonier in Dornbirn, you can find the following models of Rolls Royce:

  • Silver Ghost from the year 1924
  • New Phantom from the year 1926
  • New Phantom from the year 1927
  • Phantom I from the year 1928
  • Phantom I from the year 1929
  • Phantom II from the year 1930
  • Phantom II from the year 1931
  • Phantom III from the year 1937

And so many more Rolls Royce models

Rolls-Royce New Phantom Limousine, 1927, Coachbuilder Windovers Ltd, UK © Kristian Adolfsson bil fotograf bilfotograf car automotive photography photographer fotografering bilfotografering bilar bild; Fotograf-Photographer; 20180605; AT, Austria | Österreich | Österrike, Vorarlberg, Lat: 47.390725N, Long: 9.776902E

Rolls-Royce New Phantom, Limousine, 1927, Coachbuilder Windovers Ltd, UK.
EXIF: 1/2.5 s, f/5.6, 24 mm, ISO: 400, Camera: NIKON D800E © Kristian Adolfsson

Anyone with a little bit of interest in history and the legends of the older days is also going to love this place. There are some special and original displays of the Rolls Royce and other vintage vehicles that were used by some great men in history. These include the following:

  • The Safari-Touring-Car that the King George V used for a long time
  • The elegant vintage Limousine that King Edward VIII used when he was in the power
  • Queen Mum’s favorite Landau
  • Prince Aly Khan’s favorite Phantom II for sport related activities
  • Malcolm Campbell’s favorite Rolls Royce in a perfect blue color
  • F.H. Royce’s own vehicle that he used for many years personally
  • The Lawrence of Arabia’s personal Roll Royce

Here at this museum, you can find a reconstructed model of the first ever factory where Rolls Royce was made. Moreover, there is a huge tea-room where different festivities and exhibition take place all around the year. There is also a Hall-of-fame where you can experience all the Rolls Royce history in just a single round.

2- Rolls-Royce museum “the World’s finest”, Dornbirn (Austria)

Rolls-Royce museum “the World’s finest”, Dornbirn

Seems like Austria is the world’s most amazing region to go to if you are a Rolls Royce lover. Where the previous one was the world’s biggest Rolls Royce place, this one is regarded collectively as the world’s finest once. This rank of being the finest one has been awarded to this place for all the right reasons. The museum is rather a small place with limited collection of some of the rare Rolls Royce models that are coach built. Moreover, there are some one Bentleys that you can also find here at this well-furnished place.

Rolls-Royce 25/30 h.p. 3-position Drop Head Coupé DHC, 1937, Coachbuilder Freestone & Webb, London, UK © Kristian Adolfsson bil fotograf bilfotograf car automotive photography photographer fotografering bilfotografering bilar bild; Fotograf-Photographer; 20180605; AT, Austria | Österreich | Österrike, Vorarlberg, Lat: 47.391193N, Long: 9.776223E

Rolls-Royce 25/30 h.p. 3-position Drop Head Coupé DHC, 1937, Coachbuilder Freestone & Webb, London, UK.
EXIF: 1.60 s, f/8, 24 mm, ISO: 100, Camera: NIKON D800E © Kristian Adolfsson

The best part is that one can also shop for the cars over here easily provided that they have all the required documents and money with them. Since it is a very small museum, it is pretty hard to find any other means to keep yourself busy except for looking at the cars that have been displayed here. It is therefore suggested that you don’t take along anyone to this place if they don’t share the same love for cars with you.

3- Rolls-Royce Foundation, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (United Stated of America)

Rolls-Royce Foundation, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

This one is not a museum in truest sense but is undoubtedly a heaven for any Rolls Royce fan. This place is more like an NGO with its staff dedicated to the sole purpose of preserving the Rolls Royce models from all the eras and from all across the world. Another vehicle that this foundation aims to preserve alongside Rolls Royce is the Bentley motorcar.

This foundation not only has the car’s bodies on display but also keeps on displaying different materials that are related to these cars. For the lovers of reading and books especially those related to cars and other such manuals, this place has a pretty good library with sufficient availability of different books and car related manuals.

Moreover, you can also find some old literature related to the automotive markets and documents on the production and grandeur of some racing events as well as some cars. Because this place has some of the rarest models of cars and automotive that are not likely to be found elsewhere, a visit to this place whenever you are around Pennsylvania is a must no matter what.
We urge you to take along your family and spend a good day here and support the cause that this non-government and non-profit foundation is trying to chase.

4- Motala Motormuseum, Motala (Sweden)

Motala Motormuseum, Motala

This is a great museum having the largest collection of Rolls Royce cars on display in Sweden. The Rolls Royce here speak volumes about how good this car actually is an how the management of this museum is taking care of their possessions since years. The closer experience that you get to enjoy with your favorite vehicles here is what makes this place a top favorite for many.

However, Rolls Royce cars are not the only thing to bless your eyes here in this museum. Rather there are various other things to keep yourself engaged throughout the day. You can come in a close contact with hundreds of motorcycles, scooters, and cars including the lavish models like Ferraris and Lamborghinis as well.

The good thing about this museum is that it is not just restricted to the cars and automotive only. Here, you get a chance to see how the world progressed and how man made inventions like radio, cameras, and recorders. All of this can be seen either in the form of progressive photos that have been put up in the museum’s photo gallery very nicely or through the physical models of all these things that have been put up for the show.

5- Gotlands Veteranbilmuseum, Visby (Sweden)

Gotlands Veteranbilmuseum, Visby

In case you got a little extra time in Sweden, this place is great for anyone who would love themselves some great time looking at the different models of cars and related machinery. You can witness the oldest models of Rolls Royce over here that date back to the first decade of twentieth century.

Some hold true for the motor bikes that are displayed here dating back to the first decade of twentieth century as well. Other models to bless your eyes and enrich you with experiences over here include some trains from the time of WWII and some air crafts and helicopters that are not very old.

You will surely love the photo exhibition that is put up for a permanent show over here throughout the year. The cleanliness and the décor at the museum is beyond excellent and you will yourself notice the discipline and decorum alongside the hard work that the management over here is consistently putting in to ensure that no model on display here gets ruined.

Rolls Royce fans have a lot of opportunities to unlock and to see a variety of models dating way back to when the first ever Rolls Royce was made. All they have to do is to invest their time and money in travelling the cities where these cars have been preserved.

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