Help us Add New Transport Museums

It’s been a journey this last few years. Transport Museums was put to one side as Kristian and I (Ian) concentrated on other projects, and the world kept turning…just about.

Museums have never needed our help more than now, and as the world slowly but surely opens up again, it is time to once again visit these great institutions, charities, often volunteer run places and give them the support they need to keep Transportation history alive.

The keen eyed among you will notice that we have started adding Museums once again, and we will continue to do so 2-3 days a week from now on. You might also notice that we have taken on help in the form of advertisements. This will greatly help the project along. We hope that the advertisements are not to imposing, and that they do not take away from our interactive maps and features, and you can still discover new Museums to visit!

As always we humbly ask for your help to get this website as complete as possible, and invite you to add a Museum to the website. Your name will be added to the listing as a contributor, and your Museum added to the maps after review by either Kristian or I.

Help us out and Add a Museum

We also invite any Museums that are already listed to send in new content, that they would like us to add, or any changes/edits to our existing information, including Temporarily closed, or closed Museums.

Contact us to change information on your Museum listing

‘Get Directions’ buttons for Google and Apple maps on all single Museums. Give directions on your map app of choice within the same Continent. No flight information is shown if required.

Filtering of our maps for individual countries is improved.

More pages displaying individual car types, with maps.

Stay tuned, and Happy Museum hunting!

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