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Johanna Museum has vintage cars, motorbikes, musical instruments, toys. Oldest Swedish car, a Cederholm from 1894.

Kollers Oldtimer bilmuseum, Österrike © Kristian Adolfsson bil fotograf bilfotograf car automotive photography photographer fotografering bilfotografering bilar bild; Fotograf-Photographer; 20160626; AT, Austria | Österreich | Österrike, Niederösterreich, Lat: 48.499372N, Long: 15.949578E

Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya

The National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia is the product of the rich and lengthy heritage of scientific and technical innovation and knowledge.

Torre Loizaga Miguel de la Via Collection

The only Rolls-Royce Collection in Europe with all models manufactured between 1910-1998.

Col·lecció d’Automòbils Salvador Claret

Ford Model T, Rolls Royce, Salmson and Fiat.

© Rick Howe; Photographer; 20110311; ES, Spain | España, Salamanca Province, Lat: 40.958266N, Long: 5.666922W

Museo De Historia De La Automoción De Salamanca

The Salamanca Motor Museum was opened to the public on the 1st of October 2002, as an exhibition, research and reference centre that includes every aspect of automobile history.

Museo Automovil

The “car as a work of art”, a collection of almost a 100 cars.

Automuseum Prototyp

Shows rare sports and racing cars from 70 years of automotive history. Porsche ancestor Type 64 from 1939; Porsche 597 “Jagdwagen”,1958

Lamborghini Museum

The history of Ferruccio and the Lamborghini cars. They also have Guided tours of the production lines.