Gilmore Car Museum Campus in Hickory Corners, Michigan, USA

The Campus consists of 9 different Automotive (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles) and Aviation (one Airplane) Museums.

  1. The Gilmore Car Museum itself. It contains the 1930s Gallery, 1950s/60s Gallery, "Designed for Delivery: The Early American Truck", Steam Barn with Steam, Electric and Gas powered vehicles.
    It also houses the store, theatre, and café.
  2. The The H. H. Franklin Collection holds automobiles, engines, and artifacts from the The H. H. Franklin Club.
  3. Model A Ford Museum which is the largest public museum dedicated to the Model A Ford. It also has a Pietenpol Sky Scout airplane with a Model A Ford engine.
  4. Cadillac - LaSalle Club Museum and Research Center is the permanent home of the organization’s collection of automobiles, display engines, and artifacts.
  5. The Lincoln Motor Car Heritage Museum is patterned after a historic Lincoln dealership.
  6. Pierce-Arrow Museum, one of the finest luxury automobiles made.
  7. Classic Car Club of America Museum where all cars are recognized by the CCCA as Full Classics™.
  8. Motorcycle Gallery, 100 years of motorcycle history. Can't find much info of what is displayed for this one either.
  9. Campania Barn with pre WWII vehicles. Can't find much info of what is displayed.

7 museums in total.

Road Transport

Maritime Transport

Air Transport

All Transport

Rail Transport