Transport Museums in Switzerland

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Swiss museums in alphabetical order

  • Autobau Erlebniswelt (Road), Romanshorn

    Experience the fascinating world of Aston Martin and Bugatti, Ferrari and Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Porsche and many car brands!

  • Fliegermuseum Fahrzeugmuseum Altenrhein (Road, Air), Thal

    Jet’s, Rolls-Royce, Classics and more!

  • Fondation Hervé (Road), Aigle

    The collection of classic cars includes cars presenting a particular technical interest or a coachwork of a striking elegance, representing car manufacturing from the 1920’s to our days.

  • Museum Pantheon Basel – Forum for vintage cars (Road), Muttenz

    Large Old Timer collection. Vintage cars, and much more…

  • Swiss Museum of Transport (Road, Air, Maritime, Rail), Luzern

    All types of transport from bicycles to the locomotive the Crocodile. More than 30 historic aircraft. ‘Monteverdi’ car exhibit, large numbers of historic vehicles.

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