Road Transport

The bus museum - Ilse of white

Isle of Wight Bus and Coach Museum

Around 20 historic vehicles, artifacts and public transport memorabilia.
JAcooley Museum

J. A. Cooley Museum

Small Museum with display of many American artifacts, including some one of a kind vehicles and carriages.
Wheels Through Time Museum

Wheels Through Time Museum

Submitted by Aaron Moore. Wheels Through Time Museum is home to the world’s premier collection of rare American motorcycles, memorabilia,...

Antika Traktör Müzesi

Antique Tractor Museum. Website in Turkish with great images. Excellent collection of tractors from 1800 to 1962. Over 100 tractors...
Samgöngusafnið í Stóragerði Skagafirði

Samgöngusafnið í Stóragerði Skagafirði

Submitted by Michael Franklin. Vintage Auto Museum Iceland. They’ve got 300+ vehicles, most of which are in excellent shape. The...
queensland transport museum

Queensland Transport Museum

Submitted by Chayne Wellman. Great looking collection of Trucks, Classic cars, Motorcycles, Race cars, and even an Aircraft! Location and...
Sydney bus Museum

Sydney Bus Museum

Submitted by Griffin Bishop. Large collection of Buses. Bus rides in historic buses from the collection. Double-decker bus rides around...
Powerhouse Sydney transport-1

Powerhouse Museum

Submitted by Griffin Bishop. Founded in 1879. A must do in Sydney! Contains several locomotives, coaches and models of trains....