Museum Map updates with City View on every Museum

Google map updates

We use Google maps to display the location of the Car, Aviation, and Bike Museums across our site. They are great and have lots of functions including location based display, Street View, and directions. We are slowly taking advantage of more and more features, as our directory grows.

Seeing double

We do know that one of google maps greatest functions is the ability to zoom in an incredible amount. However, we wanted you to be able to see at a glance where the Car, Aviation, and or Bike Museum may be located. Take Klassikstadt, Frankfurt for example. See the original map below:

The map shows an over view of Frankfurt, with a Pin dropped on Klassikstadt. This is great, but we wanted you to know quickly how far it is from the Centre of Frankfurt for example. You can now get a better idea with our second Google map which is zoomed in with the Museum location in the centre. See below:

You immediately get a better idea of exactly where Klassikstadt is located. This will hopefully help you plan your trip a little better, and perhaps even decide on accommodation.

The featured image of the Rainbow Flatnose Porsche is taken by: NearEMPTiness [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Let us know in the comments if you think that the second map is a good thing, or too much!