Car Air Bike Museums Top 5 Automotive Museums in Italy

Travelling to Italy this Spring or Summer? Be sure to stop by these Beautiful Automotive collections and Exhibitions. Stunning rare European Vehicles, and even more beautiful countryside.

Enjoy our top 5 from Italy.

1. Pininfarina Museum:

The Collection is the true custodian of the company’s values. The place where past, present and future blend, conveying to visitors all the magic of the Pininfarina brand.

Pininfarina Museum

2. Museo Mille Miglia:

The museum of the legendary race “Mille Miglia” is situated inside the Monastery of Saint Eufemia, a beautiful building complex of immense archaeological, historical and architectural value.

Museo Mille Miglia

3. Centro Storico Fiat:

Centro Storico Fiat now hosts a collection of automobiles, mementos, models and advertising manifestos by artists spanning the company’s entire history: from its first vehicle, the 3½ Hp, to the impressive Mefistofele, which in 1924 beat the all-time world speed record.

Centro Storico Fiat

4. Panini Motor Museum:

The Museum Collection has been gradually improved, thanks to the restoration of some cars which were already part of the Collection, and enriched even further with new pieces including the famous Maserati 6 CM from 1936.

Panini Motor Museum

5. Museo del Motorismo Siciliano e della Targa Florio:

In an old slaughterhouse, there is the only museum dedicated to the Targa Florio with a real exhibition of historical cars.

Museo del Motorismo Siciliano e della Targa Florio

Photo by Luca Micheli on Unsplash