Rolls-Royce Coachbuilders around the world

Many cars including Rolls-Royce only supplied the chassis and coachbuilders did the rest.

From 1939 the coachbuilder Park Ward had been a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolls-Royce. It wasn’t until early 1946 that Rolls-Royce provided their own bodywork. When they introduced their Bentley standard steel saloon, it used components made by Pressed Steel Limited of Coventry in place of a coachbuilder's hand-formed shapes.

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Barker & Co, London, UK

Barker & Co was founded in 1710 and was reformed as Barker & Company (Coachbuilders) in 1905. After the 1920s they seemed unable to keep up with the use of light alloys for framing. In 1938 the company fell into receivership and its brand name and business were taken over by its long-term rival Hooper & Co.
Apart from Barker supplying bodywork for Rolls-Royce, they also supplied coachwork for chassis made by Bentley, Cadillac, Daimler, Duesenberg, Mercedes-Benz, Napier, and Packard.


Caffyns Ltd, UK

Caffyns was during the twenties a well known coachbuilder but is now a major car dealer. They exhibited at Olympia London from 1919 to 1930. They bodied many chassis but mainly Darracq, Wolseley, and Sunbeam. They later bought the coachbuilders Rock, Thorpe & Watson, and Maltby.


Freestone & Webb, London, UK

The company was founded in north-west London in 1923 by V. E. Freestone and A. J. Webb.


Hooper & Co, UK


James Young, UK


Joseph Cockshoot & Co, UK


Kellner Eichelbaum & Co, Berlin, Germany

Can't find any info about this company. There were, though, two separate companies; Carroserie Alexis Kellner and Karosserie Eichelbaum.

The car in the image below had a body built by Erdmann & Rossi before the current one.


Le Baron, New York, USA

LeBaron was a coach building company from 1924 until 1953. In the 1920s they also provided bodies for other luxury cars like Hispano-Suiza, Duesenberg, and Packard. It eventually became part of Chrysler Corporation. Also called LeBaron, Carrossiers Inc.


Louis Labourdette, Madrid, Spain


Mann Egerton & Co, UK


H. J. Mulliner, UK

Wikipedia's page about H. J. Mulliner


Park Ward & Co, London, UK


Park Ward Coachwork, UK


Smith & Waddington, Sydney, Australia


Southern Motor Company, UK


Thrupp & Maberly, UK


Weymann Motor Bodies, UK


Windovers Ltd, UK


I. Wilkinson & Son, UK