Brussels Air Museum at Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History

The Air and Space Section has had a fast and very successful development, thanks to the long term vision of...
KDF-wagen, 1938; VW Type 82 'Kübelwagen'; VW Type 166 'Schwimmwagen' © Kristian Adolfsson bil fotograf bilfotograf car automotive photography photographer fotografering bilfotografering bilar bild; Fotograf-Photographer; 20160628; A, Austria | Österreich | Österrike, Salzburg, Lat: 47.973533N, Long: 13.102247E

Mongolian Military Museum

The Mongolian Military Museum is divided into four sections and houses around 8,000 items related to the ancient and modern...

Danmarks Flymuseum | Danish Aircraft Museum

The principal purpose of the museum is to raise awareness about flying, in order to provide an opportunity for the...