Museum Fichtelberg, Cars Planes and Bikes, Fichtelberg, Germany


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March 12, 2020


November 4, 2017

General information

A transport museum with exotics automobiles, airplanes, motorcycle, fire engines, and tractors. Vehicles from every era of automotive history.

The German Vehicle Museum Fichtelberg is an experience not only for four-wheeled PS fans.

From classic cars to modern times, you will find vehicles from every era in automotive history. The existing collection includes more than 500 exhibits! It is excellently staged in three exhibition halls and a covered outdoor area. The exhibits thus represent all epochs of mobile history from 1896 to the present day.

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Photo by Buch-t (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If the image is blurry, we are awaiting images from the Museum.

Number of exhibited items

Cars & Automotive: 51-100, Car Inventory link
Planes & Helicopters: 1-25, Inventory link
Motorcycles & Bikes: 26-50, Inventory link

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Comments: Number of items on display not verified.

Services / Facilities:
Guided Tours, Restaurant / Café

Museum Contact Info

Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Form: No information available

Getting to the Museum

Address: Nagler Weg 9-10, 95686, Fichtelberg, Germany, Europe
Coordinates: 49.99778, 11.8559938

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A truly beautiful location, and an incredible Museum Experience! Incredible collection, and lots of attractions for the entire family.


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