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October 26, 2017

General information

Car and Science Museum in Sinsheim

This museum is massive and has “everything” technique related. It’s the only place where you can see a Tupolev Tu-144 and Concorde next to each other. They also have planes like Messerschmitt Me-109 and 2 Junkers Ju-52. In total they have about 60 airplanes and helicopters.

Bugattis at Sinsheim Technik Museum

Bugattis at Sinsheim Technik Museum, photo by Sinsheim Museum

They have a continuous exhibit of over 300 vintage cars from all eras.

They also have no less than 16 of the legendary Mercedes compressor-cars, among them the S, SS and SSK series from the 1920’s and 1930’s, all of them, in running order.

Maybach Cars at Sinsheim Museum

Maybach Cars at Sinsheim Museum, photo Sinsheim Museum

At Technik Museum Sinsheim they also have one of the largest Maybach collections worldwide!

A few other nice ars they have: American LaFrance, 1908; Auburn 851, 1935; Columbia Electric, 1900; Mercedes 22/40 PS, 1912; Mors, 1898; Porsche 597 Jagdwagen, 1955; Presto 9/30 PS Typ D, 1924.

Other things they have to offer are Trains, Steam engines and trucks, Mechanical organs, Tanks, artillery and other military equipment, Project Car Brutus, Blitzen Benz, and IMAX 3D Cinema.

Mercedes 630K at Sinsheim Auto Museum

Mercedes 630K at Sinsheim Auto Museum, photo by Sinsheim Museum

Rick and Kathy Howe have been to this museum and this is what they have to say about the museum: “Now THIS is a fun museum, with something for everyone.  It is indeed a technical museum and not solely an automotive museum.  You want to compare the Concorde to its Russian SST counterpart?  Step right up.  You want tanks and military equipment?  This is the place.  Lots of fun exhibits, but at its core it is an excellent display of automotive memories, with hundreds of wonderful cars on display along with period accessories and excellent information panels.  Outstanding!  Located not far from the similar collection at Speyer, which we would also like to visit.”

Read more about this museum and see all of Rick and Kathy Howe’s images at Their images below used with permission.

If the image is blurry, we are awaiting images from the Museum.

Number of exhibited items

Cars & Automotive: 301-400
Planes & Helicopters: 51-100
Motorcycles & Bikes: 301-500
Trains: 1-10

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Getting to the Museum

Address: Eberhard-Layher-Straße 1, 74889, Sinsheim, ‎Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe
Coordinates: 49.238784, 8.8972426

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A truly beautiful location, and an incredible Museum Experience! Incredible collection, and lots of attractions for the entire family.


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