Here Is How You Can Spend Productive Time In Europe’s Best Formula 1 Museums

Being a cars’ lover is one thing but being a lover of Formula 1 cars is a love on a whole new level. Being a formula 1 lover means you would never want to miss our any show or display of these cars no matter on what part of the earth it has been arranged.

If you are someone really into Formula 1 cars and would love some great time roaming around the museums that put up a great show of these cars all the year around, then this article is for you. Out of all the continents, Europe has some of the most amazing and massive Formula 1 museums in different cities all across. Beside metaphorically devouring on your dream formula 1 models, there are some really cools things you can do in these Formula 1 museums of Europe.

This article names the top best Formula 1 Museums in Europe and suggest you the things you can do here other than enjoying the beautiful sight of your favorite Formula 1 car.

1. Autoseum Nisse Nilsson Collection, Simrishamn (Sweden)

Autoseum Nisse Nilsson Collection | Transport Museums

Those who manage this one take pride in their museum being the best all across Europe with a great show of almost all the racing cars one could have heard of. But the racing cars and Formula 1 are not the only element that make it a great museum. Rather, there are more than a million things one can enjoy upon his or her visit to this great place.

Be it about luxury cars or motorcycles, this place has all of these from the old times to the recent models that are coming in. Here at the Autoseum, you can have a closer interaction with the world’s finest multivehicle, scooters, and even those Buggies with their old-school elegance and charm.

Those who want to look at some air crafts and helicopters can also consider visiting this extravaganza anytime of the year. The museums also has a separate and full fledged exhibition only for the Swedish motor racing fans. You can find almost everything from the Swedish Motor racing legends in this museum.

The café at Autoseum is par excellence with an ambiance that mixes the automotive and workshop vibes with the classical era of 70s. The racing laps-like floor in checkered black and white sequence and the old vintage lamps hanging above have some magic to make the already great food taste even better.

2. Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim (Germany)

Auto Technik Museum Sinsheim | Transport Museums

One of the most talked about Formula 1 museums all around the world, this place has something for everyone no matter what age group they belong to. Being here means you can enjoy beholding some of the most amazing Formula 1 models along with enjoying some great time for yourself surrounded by technological items from almost all the eras – from vintage models to the upcoming innovation.

Here at the Auto & Technik Museum, one can see Formula 1 cars along with the great displays of trains, engines, Mercs, Benzes, Military transportation, Vintage automotive from the history, airplanes, helicopters, and what not.

What we loved about this museum are its intelligent settings that place the interrelated automotive right next to each other. It has a setting that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Moreover, you will love the details that every display comes with so that there is nothing you don’t get to know about the invention you are watching.

Coming to the best part, the food over here is beyond delicious. Where there are not too many cafes and restaurants, you are surely going to love whatever you choose from the limited available menu nonetheless.

3. Autobau Erlebniswelt, Romanshorn (Switzerland)

Autobau Erlebniswelt | Transport Museums

Be it about Formula 1, Mercs, Bugatti, Astons, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porches, Maserati, or any other car, this place has them all. The place is best for those who want to bless their eyes with some of the most classical cars from the golden era.

The best part is that this place has two separate sections for racing and for the regular road automotive. Hence, anyone who is interested in just one of these (that is almost an impossible thing) is going to be at extreme ease.

You can have a really close experience with almost all the machines that are displayed here and that is what will make you experience even more amazing. Leave everything else, the place where this place is located is itself an exotic gift of nature.

The entrance fee is easily affordable and the opening hours are also very flexible. Make sure to visit when some other event has been arranged either in the museum itself or in its vicinity and your experience will be pretty amazing.

Coming to the quality of edibles over here, the items are not in plenty. However, whatever you will get here in the cafes will be pretty good in terms of quality as well as taste. Nevertheless, they items are going to cost a fortune and therefore we suggest taking along something to eat from home and devouring on it in the car outside.

The scenic beauty of the outside will surely add more to your experience as you enjoy the food alongside some natural views at the same time while sitting in your own car.

Ferrari F2004 F1 Racing car: National Motor Museum, Birdwood, SA, Australia [2019]

4. Automuseum Prototyp, Hamburg (Germany)

Automuseum Prototyp | Transport Museums

Another great place in Germany for Formula 1 lovers, this place has been opened up for the general public not very long ago. Here, you can personally experience from a very close distance all the vintage and old cars dating back to when the initial types of racing cars were introduced.

Most of the cars displayed here are the prototypes but not all of them are just that. There is a permanent exhibition going on throughout the year in this museum. The exhibition is all about racers and car makers who have been endowing the world of sports since year.

The best part is that you can leave your kids to the library built inside this place where they can keep themselves busy in interactive activities. This means that even taking your family and children along to this place won’t come in the way of your enjoyment and intense observation of your favorite cars.

There is a small yet relaxing stop right next to the museum where you can eat whatever you want. The quality and taste of the food both are par excellence but you will surely have to invest in some extra bucks. Do not miss out on the photo galleries over here that are way too good if you are looking for a great photo shoot either with your families or friends.

5. Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse (France)

Cite de L’automobile Schlumpf Collection | Transport Museums

Believed to be the biggest car museum in the entire world, this place has a great collection of automotive. It is believed that the number of cars they have are way too many for all of them to be displayed at the same time.

The history of how and where this museum was built is event more interesting than the museum and its displays. Cité de l’Automobile was once a wool mill and the brothers who owned it later turned it in to a beautiful museum where woolen made items were displayed. Who knew it was going to the world biggest home to vehicles of all kinds and the people would be coming to bless their eyes over here.

Here at this place, you can find cars as old as those in 1870’s. Racing cars including Formula 1 cars over here are also from different eras and some of them have been even used in some of the most renowned competitions in the history.

Other than the racing cars, you can also find the other queens on road in their modern models as well as the older forms of the very same vehicles. A variety of cars’ related events are arranged over here almost throughout the year as well.

Not only the car exhibitions but different charities, meet and greets, as well as some of the world’s best drives are also arranged in this museum owing to the massive acres of land that are there in this museum.

Other facilities that this place comes with include an online application for a better tour planning, online tickets booking, Driving and riding facilities, food cafes and restaurant, and what not.

These were just the top 5 museums that display a variety of formula 1 cars in Europe’s biggest cities. There are way too many all across the continent and you should not miss out on any chance that takes you to either one of these. Almost all of these museums have some of the best displays with a lot more of fun activities for anyone to have some fun.

The food at all of these museums might be a little extra in terms of its price, but it is usually worth a try especially if you are an outsider.

Featured image: Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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