Visit to the Danish Museum of Science and Technology

With Free entry for under 18 years, the Danish Museum of Science and Technology (Danmarks tekniska museum)
is not to be missed on a family adventure to Denmark.

Quote from the Museums website:

The Danish Museum of Science & Technology gives you the opportunity to use all your senses with fun, fascinating and epoch-making examples of old and new technology.

How to find the Danish Museum of Science and Technology

Situated 45 mins drive or train north of Copenhagen in the City of Helsingør the Museum is just outside the city center. Spanning across 3 warehouses it has a large collection of Aircraft, Vehicles, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Fire engines, memorabilia, interactive exhibits, historical artifacts and more.

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The entrance to the Museum has a small gift shop and cafe with Hot and Cold drinks and snacks. There is also a robot that speaks what you type, which my children and I had great fun with!

I have 3 kids, and as most parents can relate to I’m sure, I had an idea in my head of how much time we would spend at the Museum.

In my head before arrival I envisioned a look around, maybe a juice and a snack before boredom set in and they would be searching for the next activity. Ball park time of around 1 hour and 30 mins. Wow was I wrong!

What is there to do at the Museum

There are a great deal of interactive elements in the Museum that are greatly suited towards kids of all ages. Buttons to press, and best of all Aircraft to explore and sit in!

A space shuttle that took Danish Andreas Mogensen into space, complete with replica shuttle with mock ups of navigation systems and working radio. A complete Passenger jet with seats that you can explore and sit in. The steps leading off the back of this make it a great loop for smaller children. A cockpit experience in a jet aircraft.

The Museum has a great collection of Fire Engines in an old style Fire Station. Bicycles of all ages. Steam powered exhibits also feature, and an interactive green screen experience can be had where you are invited to sit on stools which then become a tandem bike on screen. At the end of this section there is a soft kids area with building blocks etc.

There are propeller planes, jet aircraft, a rusted fuselage recovered from the bottom of the ocean, a coach, Old timers and Pre wars vehicles.

In the center of this main building there are tables and chairs for arts and crafts. Drawings of children favorite vehicles, and aircraft are hanging up all around.

In the final section of the Museum there is a large miniature scene, depicting Denmark’s history from 1847 up to 1960. It is a work of art, and must be seen. There is a small button above the glass which turns the entire exhibit into night mode. Very well done.

Other exhibits

The exhibitions don’t end there, at the time of my visit Jun 2022 there was an exhibit titles Smartphonemania. A walk through the history of the smartphone, and the surrounding cultures that emerged such as gaming, and also the resulting e waste and its impact on the earth. Again lots of great rooms with well thought out spaces and things to look at and interact with. There is even a room with 4 old playable game consoles. Great fun and educational.

All in all with snack and purchase of a small gift for the kids, we managed to spend 3 hours and 30 mins at the Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

With Free entry for under 18 years, it is truly a must see. I will be taking my kids there again soon without a doubt.

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