How to find a Car Museum Near me

Car/Automotive Museums

They are out there, waiting to be found. Whether you used to own the same model that your local museum has on display, or you are just at the beginning of your Automotive history lesson, these great institutions are in most major cities around the world, and are just waiting to be explored.


Car/Automotive Museums don’t just house the wonderfully rich history of transportation, but are also a place where the different cultures that sprung up around the mutual appreciation of vehicles, go to meet and build friendships. From Hotrods, to Cabriolet specific car clubs and meetings, you are sure to be able to find some like minded people at your local Car Museum.

How to find a Car Museum Near me

Now we don’t have all of the Museums in the world (yet), but we are adding more to our directory all the time. Firstly, let me direct you to our online form where you can add your local Car/Automotive Museum, to help complete our directory.

Add a Museum

With the link above, you can add a Museum and a few basic details, and then we will research a little further, and publish your listing live on the site. Our goal is to list EVERY Car, Aviation, and Motorbike Museum in the world, and we are only two people, so we need your help. Please consider spending 5 mins filling out the form.

Now, onto the good stuff. We have added new functionality to our interactive maps, which allows you to specify a radius and press the Near Me button to display all the Car Museums near your current location. See the link below to head straight over to the page.

Car Museum Near me

If the map doesn’t change, or does nothing then you may have to enable/allow the site to use your location. Head over to our post explaining how to do that. You will find the links back to the Car Museum finder there.

Find a Museum Near me

Not interested in cars?

Car/Automotive Museums not your thing? We have also created a map page that filters and finds all of the Aviation Museums Near your current location as well. Head over to the page now.

Aviation Museum Near me