Definitive guide to car museums? Not yet, but it’s in the works

In 1970, British automotive author T.R. Nicholson wrote a guidebook to The World’s Motor Museums, of which he identified nearly 180, one-third of them located in the United States.

Fast forward to late this summer when Kristian Adolfsson, an engineer and photographer from Sweden, decided to do a European road trip to visit every automotive museum on the Continent. Problem was, he couldn’t find a convenient list of them.

Since then, Adolfsson and his web-development colleague, British-native Ian Hunter, have launched the website with a goal to eventually provide a source for information about every automotive, aviation and motorcycle museum on the planet.

They launched their website in early November. Last time I checked, they had listings for 168 museums on various continents, and apparently are adding more as quickly as possible. They have a very, very long way to go, and they know it. Their site includes a page in which anyone can fill out a form to suggest a museum to be added to their coverage.

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Photo by: Don O’Brien [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons