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Detroit Michigan area museums in alphabetical order

  • Canadian Transportation Museum & Heritage Village (Road, Air), Kingsville, Ontario (ON), Canada

    You will see both original and fully restored hallmark vehicles from the 19th and 20th century, from horse drawn wagons to a 1992 Dodge Viper.

  • Ford Piquette Avenue Plant (Road), Detroit, Michigan (MI), USA

    In 2000, The Henry Ford Heritage Association and others purchased the building and opened up this museum. It attracts visitors from around the world.

  • R.E. Olds Transportation Museum (Road), Lansing, Michigan (MI), USA

    The Museum exhibits a significant collection of automobiles, engines, and other materials significant to the transportation history of Lansing.

  • Snook’s Dream Cars (Road), Bowling Green, Ohio (OH), USA

    It features a recreated 1940s era Texaco gas station, a showroom of extensive automobile memorabilia and a car collection presented within period scenes.

  • Stahls Auto Museum (Road), New Baltimore, Michigan (MI), USA

    The Stahl Museum has over 80 cars on display. A 1886 Daimler prototype to the muscle cars of the 1960s with emphasis on the cars of the 1930s and 1940s.

  • The Henry Ford Museum (Road, Air, Rail), Dearborn, Michigan (MI), USA

    Step into a world where past innovations fuel the imagination of generations to come. A vibrant exploration of genius in all its forms.

  • Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum (Road), Marysville, Michigan (MI), USA

    Worlds largest collection of Wills Sainte Claire Automobiles produced in Marysville, Michigan from 1921 until 1926. C. Harold Wills.

  • Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum (Road), Ypsilanti, Michigan (MI), USA

    Shows Chevrolet Corvair, Tucker, Hudson, Kaiser-Frazer, and General Motors Hydra-matic; all with Ypsilanti connections.

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