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Japanese Transport Museums in alphabetical order

  • Honda Collection Hall (Road), Motegi-machi, Haga-gun

    About 300 vehicles such as Honda’s commercial 2-wheel and 4-wheeled vehicles, general purpose products and racing machines are exhibited.

  • Mazda Museum (Road), Hiroshima-ken

    Displaying all rotary engines in one room, from early experiments to final realisation. A gem of a Museum tucked away in the corner of the Hiroshima Mazda Plant.

  • Megaweb Toyota City Showcase (Road), Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to

    MEGA WEB is the car theme park to ‘Look’, ‘Ride’ and ‘Feel’ automobile. There are 3 facilities based on each theme. Explore the TOYOTA’s theme park.

  • Motorcar Museum of Japan (Road), Futatsunashimachi, Komatsu-shi

    The building looks incredible, with two floors of vehicles, ranging from Classics, to Modern. Looks like it is well worth a visit for any enthusiast.

  • Nasu Classic Car Museum (Road), Nasu

    Website in Japanese only, apart from the menu. An incredible collection including: 1901 De Dion Bouton, 1930 MG – EX120, 1933 Rolls Royce 2025 Sports Saloon

  • Toyota Automobile Museum (Road), Aichi-ken, Nagakute-shi

    The main exhibits at the Toyota Automobile Museum are about 140 vehicles from around the world,We have been renewing our regular exhibits since 2016.

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