Below you find all the museums we have added so far.

They are shown with the newest at the top of the list.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University Automobile Museum

White Mars motorcycle, Maybach boxer engine | Weisse Mars Motorrad, Boxermotor, 1920: Maybach Car Museum | Automuseum Maybach, Germany; [2018]

Museo de la Motocicleta Española | Motos Made in Spain

Express-werke motorcycles | Motorrad, 1950-s: Maybach Car Museum | Museum für historische Maybach-Fahrzeuge, Neumarkt, Germany | Deutchland [2018]

Moto Histórica Museo

Harley Davidson 42 WLC, 1942, Kollers Oldtimer bilmuseum, Österrike © Kristian Adolfsson bil fotograf bilfotograf car automotive photography photographer fotografering bilfotografering bilar bild; Fotograf-Photographer; 20160626; AT, Austria | Österreich | Österrike, Niederösterreich, Lat: 48.499372N, Long: 15.949578E

Museo de la Moto de Canillo

Douglas DC-3 "Daisy" © Kristian Adolfsson flyg foto fotografering flygträff fly-in aviation airplane photography air show display aircraft; Fotograf / Photographer; 20160828; SE, Sverige | Sweden, Östergötlands län, Lat: 58.389988N, Long: 15.519928E

National Military Museum Egypt, Cairo

Danish Museum of Science and Technology - Danmarks tekniska museum - Main Entrance

Danish Museum of Science and Technology

Horton Classic Car Museum

Horton Classic Car Museum

Tennessee Museum Of Aviation - Republic P-47D Thunderbolt “Hun Hunter XVI”

Tennessee Museum Of Aviation

Pantheon Basel Museum

Museum Pantheon Basel – Forum for vintage cars