4x4 cars

Pantheon Basel Museum

Museum Pantheon Basel – Forum for vintage cars

Submitted by Ramon Robinson. Great museum. Lots of lovely cars Huge central hall with several floors of Vehicles. Old timer...
North Carolina Tranportation Museum

N.C. Transportation Museum

Submitted by Aaron Moore. The N.C. Transportation Museum is a historic site, once home to Southern Railway’s largest steam locomotive...
car and tractor museum Germany

Car & Tractor Museum

Submitted by Silvia Georgi. CAR & TRACTOR MUSEUM Fascinating time travel through 100 years of urban and rural life The...
Samgöngusafnið í Stóragerði Skagafirði

Samgöngusafnið í Stóragerði Skagafirði

Submitted by Michael Franklin. Vintage Auto Museum Iceland. They’ve got 300+ vehicles, most of which are in excellent shape. The...
delorean Celebrity Car Collection

Branson Celebrity Car Museum

Super fun collection of famous cars, Props and Costumes from the movies and TV screen.
Automuseum Carl Benz Car Museum Benz Patent Motorwagen Velo 1894

Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz | Carl Benz Car Museum

Experience the history of mobility from the very beginning. From the wooden wheel of von Drais to the scooters of the...


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GXUTDvHy2Y The ZeitHaus multi-brand car museum is an incredible facility, and not to be missed on your Museum Tour. 5...

PS. Speicher

You will find more than a museum in the former Einbecker granary. Not only are over 400 vehicles shown on...