Museum for historical Maybach-cars | Museum für historische Maybach-Fahrzeuge, Neumarkt Germany
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This museum represents a unique exhibition about the history of Maybach. The museum covers about 2.500 m² and tells the history of the Maybach engines production, the cars, the motors and gear-boxes.

The following cars were shown in 2018 (Karosserie / Coachbuilder is Spohn in Ravensburg unless otherwise stated):

-Maybach W 5 SG Pullman-Limousine (Wagen 5), 1926, Coachbuilder: Papler?, Cologne | Köln
-Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin Pullman-Limousine, 1930
-Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin cabriolet, 1930
-Maybach DSH (Doppelsechshalbe) Pullman Limousine mit Rolldach, 1934
-Maybach SW 35 Pullman-Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1935
-Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin (Doppelsechs), Sport-Cabriolet, 1937
-Maybach SW 38 Standard Pullman-Limousine (SchwingachsWagen), 1936
-Maybach SW 38 Pullman-Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1937
-Maybach SW 38 Sport-Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1937
-Maybach SW 38 Pullman-Limousine (SchwingachsWagen), 1938
-Maybach SW 38 Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1938
-Maybach SW 38/42 Ponton-Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1938/1950
-Maybach DS 8 Zeppelin (Doppelsechs) Pullman-Limousine, 1939
-Maybach SW 38 Special Pullman-Limousine (SchwingachsWagen), 1939
-Maybach SW 38 Pullman-Limousine (SchwingachsWagen), 1939
-Maybach SW 38 Pullman-Limousine (SchwingachsWagen), 1939/1950
-Maybach SW 38/42 Sport-Cabriolet (SchwingachsWagen), 1939
-Maybach 62 S, Pullman-Limousine, Landaulet, Coachbuilder: Daimler, 2007
-White Mars motorcycle, Maybach boxer engine | Weisse Mars Motorrad, Boxermotor, 1920
-Express-werke motorcycles, 1950-s

Photos taken by Kristian Adolfsson (

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