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Mazda started it’s production here in Hiroshima in 1920 under the name Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. In 1931 they started manufacturing the 3-wheel trucks called Mazda-go, and the first passenger vehicle was the R360 Coupé in 1960. They are also pioneers when it comes to rotary engines (Wankel engines) and they have used it in many of their cars, and the first was the Cosmos Sport (110S) which you can see in the image gallery below.

The plant now produces 4 models on the same assembly line which is quite unique. During the tour of the museum you get to see (but not photograph) the line where for instance the windshield is glued to the car. When we watched the robot doing the job it first handled a small window for a Miata, then a big front window for a CX-8, and then a Miata again. Really cool.

Also see Our listing of the museum to prepare for your own visit to this great museum.

The start of the tour is at the Head office Showroom. I also took some images there after the museum tour. You can see them below the images from the museum.

Below you can see images of the following cars and 3-wheel trucks from the museum. These are not all the cars they have, there just wasn’t enough time to photograph everything as I would have wanted.

They exhibit the following cars as of 2018:

-Three-wheel Truck Type-TCS, 1935
-Three-wheel Truck Type-GB, 1950
-Mazda R360 coupé, 1960
-Mazda Carol 600, 1963
-Mazda Familia 800 Sedan, 1964
-Mazda Cosmo Sport (110S), 1967, Worlds first 2 rotor Rotary (Wankel) Engine Car
-Mazda Bonga 1000 van, 1968
-Mazda Familia Presto Rotary Coupé, 1970
-Mazda Capella Rotary GR (RX-2), 1971
-Mazda Chantez, 1972
-Mazda Savanna GT, 1972
-Mazda Cosmo AP (Mazda RX-5 | Mazda 121), 1975
-Mazda Savanna RX-7, 1978
-Mazda Capella (Mazda 626) / Ford Telstar, 1982
-Mazda 787B, 1991, Le Mans 24 h winner

There are also image from the Main office showroom showing the cars they manufacture at the plant 2018. They also had a beautifully renovated Mazda R360, 1960 on display.

-Mazda CX-5
-Mazda CX-8
-Mazda Roadster  (Miata | MX-5)
-Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6)

Photos taken by Kristian Adolfsson (

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